Attention-Grabbing Styles & Effects

The plugin comes with a set of impressive, polished styles which create interest and attract attention.

Tom Ewer

“It’s nicely designed and doesn’t look at all obtrusive on your site. If you want to incentivize your site’s visitors to share your content then this is a fantastic solution.”

Tom Ewer – professional blogger –

With Social Buttons

The example below shows how the default social buttons look in different styles.

#1 Dandyish. A very rich theme to attract maximum attention!

#2 Glass. Another nice preset theme for any background!

#3 Flat. An extremely awesome theme based on the latest web technologies that will make your site a superstar! It’s truly fascinating!

#4 Starter. The default theme, the most suitable for customization and creating your own style.

#5 Secrets. It’s similar to the Flat theme.

With Sign-In Buttons

The example below shows how the 3 default sign-in buttons look in different styles.

#1. Friendly Giant. Large buttons in the Flat style which create strong desire to click them.

#2. Great Attractor. Very attractive theme with animated buttons.

#3. Dark Force. Massive dark theme causing huge interest.