Drive Social Traffic, Attract Followers, Build Lists and Improve Your Website Ranking

Social Locker is the most popular content-locking plugin for WordPress with attention-grabbing styles and advanced analytics.

In the example below the plugin hides a piece of content until the user clicks one of the social buttons. You can set any URL to be liked/shared for each button.

Social Locker is the favorite plugin of more than 10 000 bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers around the world.

Vilma Núñez

“I bought your plugin a few months ago for my blog and really happy, my online community has grown fantastically (more than 5.000 followers on twitter and 4.000 fans on Facebook).”

Vivi Nunez – blogger, internet marketer –

With Social Locker, you can lock any kind of content:

  • A download link (for instance, a free graphic, an audio file, video resources, or a printable pdf of your article).
  • The end of your article (for instance, you might show the beginning of the article to gain interest, but hide the ending).
  • A promo code (for instance, a 10% off discount, if the visitor opt-ins).
  • Any media resources embedded into the content (videos, audios, images)